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About Us 

We want you to get to know us the way we like to get to know our customers, so let's introduce ourselves by topic! 

Who we are?

It's a question that's easier for our customers to answer than it is for us!

We are a team that does everything with the greatest professionalism possible  and which values the quality of the plants and products we sell as well as we like to take care of our customers! 

What we do?

We take care of the plants, check them, give tips, record for our youtube channel, carefully select the plants for the customer.

It is important to say that we do not sell plants without roots or that are not in good condition, if it is not to our liking, the customer will not be either! 

When do we start?

We started on youtube in December 2019, sales only started on February 1, 2020.

Where are we?

HERE ! On our proud website, on Facebook, at events we are announcing, on youtube and instagram, just look for us!


At the moment, our team consists of 3 Elements:

. Daniela Gomes

. João Gonçalves

. Teresa Gomes

Each of us with a main function, but all with the same goal, to care and help.

Social Networks 

We are waiting for you on social networks:

Visit us!

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Quality and after-sales service, only here at your Art & Succulents!

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